Upsilon Pi Epsilon


UPE is an invitation-only society. An undergraduate or graduate student is eligible for invitation to join the Mass. Alpha Chapter if:

More details can be found in our constitution.

Invitations to join are voted on by the whole membership of the chapter. Prospective members give short (10-15 minute) talks which are attended by other UPE members, CS Department faculty, and other interested parties. Induction takes place at a dinner held in the Higgins House.

Active Members

Past Members

The following is a list of student inductees to the Massachusetts Alpha Chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon. The list is sorted by time of induction, and next to each member's name is an indication of any offices held by the member.

Spring 2018, 61st Initiation

Fall 2017, 60th Initiation

Spring 2017, 59th Initiation

February 17, 2006, 42nd Initiation

March 30, 2005, 41st Initiation

May 13, 2004, 40th Initiation

December 17, 2003, 39th Initiation

May 2003, 38th Initiation

May 1999, 37th Initiation

October 1998, 36th Initiation

December 1997, 35th Initiation

April 1997, 34th Initiation

December 1996, 33rd Initiation

April 1996, 32nd Initiation

November 1995, 31st Initiation

April 1995, 30th Initiation

November 1994, 29th Initiation

April 1994, 28th Initiation

November 1993, 27th Initiation

December 1992, 26th Initiation

April 1992, 25th Initiation

November 1991, 24th Initiation

April 1991, 23rd Initiation

November 1990, 22nd Initiation

April 1990, 21st Initiation

December 1989, 20th Initiation

April 1989, 19th Initiation

December 1988, 18th Initiation

November 1987, 17th Initiation

April 1987, 16th Initiation

April 1986, 15th Initiation

April 1985, 14th Initiation

May 1984, 13th Initiation

May 1983, 12th Initiation

May 1982, 11th Initiation

May 1981, 10th Initiation

December 1980, 9th Initiation

May 1980, 8th Initiation

May 1979, 7th Initiation

May 1978, 6th Initiation

May 1977, 5th Initiation

May 1976, 4th Initiation

October 1975, 3rd Initiation

March 1975, 2nd Initiation

October 1974, 1st Initiation